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My Recommendations

John's Pass

John's Pass, which is directly across the street, has many attractions that will provide fun for the whole family. From renting jet skis to reserving a fishing charter to the Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center, you will have a blast all day long!


VIP Mexican

One place that I always visit when I come to the Holiday Isles is VIP Mexican in Treasure Island. I recommend a full order of nachos, but bring your appetite because they are not joking with their portion sizes!

Gulf Coast Seafood

This one is really fun - If you have a car and can drive to Gulfport (7.8 miles), visit Gulf Coast Seafood. This market has every type of seafood imaginable! Plus, each day, they have different "fish trim" - the meaty pieces left over from trimming the fish in the morning. You can get a mix of small pieces of fish and try a variety of what the gulf has to offer. 

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